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About the Artist



All my pieces are made using traditional clay bodies. My handmade one-of-a-kind functional & decorative stoneware pieces have unique surface designs that compliment the form of the piece.  


I enjoy integrating simple shapes with highly detailed patterns that are drawn from my love of botanical motifs and celtic designs influenced by my Scottish ancestry. 

My pieces are thrown then hand-carved or slip trailed in pursuit of aesthetic balance using a sgraffito technique. 


 Sgraffito is the process of hand-carving patters or designs through contrasting slip to reveal the clay underneath. This technique is much like working with scratch board.


Often my work has a surface that has pattern on top of pattern. I love the interplay of positive and negative space and I try to create patterns that make the foreground and background or the positive and negative compete for attention


I am located in Knoxville, TN and currently work out of my home studio and teach private lessons.  


Studio open for business by appointment only 


Email to scheduled an appointment! 

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